Failed Saving Throw Versus Slacking Off

Today, as my darling wife was preparing to go to work, my to-do list was made clear: do nothing and enjoy myself. At this point in my life, I have a considerable amount of difficulty doing this very thing. I feel like I have to be doing something productive at all times, despite knowing that recreation and relaxation is important to overall health. I just can’t seem to find it in myself to goof off, even when I lose sleep over whatever urge in my brain has woken me up.

I am here to tell you that I have failed miserably.

My wife and I are both disc jockeys for an internet-based radio station. At 8:15 this morning I got the brilliant idea to put together an impromptu radio show (we don’t have live DJs 24/7, but we stream music around the clock). At 11:00 local time I went on the air. At 2:00 I switched to a streamhold and stopped my live broadcast, but sat by the broadcast laptop to monitor and interject ads and bumpers where necessary. I signed off the air at 6:00 local time.

And now I’m preparing to go over to a friend’s place and pick up a few things from them. I should be back home and ready to start my day of leisure and procrastination around 8:30 or so, roughly twelve hours after I first got the idea to depart from the order of the day.

Now, it’s not that I didn’t have fun broadcasting. I had a blast; I usually do. But the day wasn’t supposed to be filled with tasks and timelines, it was supposed to be full of naps and not much else.

Oh, and I got in a walk of almost a mile and a quarter, which for someone in my shape, isn’t too shabby.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I actually slack off. Here’s hoping.

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