Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Today I realized that I’ve logged almost ten miles on my Nike+ running app this month. Now, to be fair, I am round. Very round. So “running” actually means “walking.” But the point is, I’m getting out there and getting active on a regular basis.

“Walk” is one of those things that I have on my checklist, but I’ve been including non-logged exercise in there recently – loading and unloading the car for a recent camping trip, taking the clothes hamper halfway across the complex to the laundry center, etc. – but I think with the turn of the new page in my checklist book, there will be a change of definition: It has to be logged in the Nike+ app to qualify for a check that day. That means I’m setting myself up to walk six days a week, something I haven’t done in my adult life.

While I sit here, my feet are aching from the exertion of eight-tenths of a mile of brisk walking. They’re not used to that kind of workout, but then again, none of my body is used to this. I’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle for years and years. Ever since I had regular access to a computer, I haven’t made the time to pull myself away from the screen long enough to get out and improve my health. I’m glad I’ve made the decision to do it now, but wish I’d been doing it all along.

My weight is a metric that I’ve been measuring but not paying much attention to. Generally speaking, I’ve been yo-yoing between 272 and 278 for close to a month. That tells me that I’ve plateaued, and until I do something different to change that, I’m going to stay right there.

A few years ago, when I weighed about what I do now, I made the conscious decision to eliminate sugared sodas and limit myself to only one portion of food at a sitting, along with eliminating snacks between meals. I ate smaller meals, but I usually ate four or five of them a day. I didn’t change what I ate at all. Over eleven months, I lost 48 pounds. Obviously I’ve gained it back and more (at one point this year I clocked in at 298, and having written that, I only now realize I’ve lost around 20 pounds this year).

Right now I’m walking in shoes that are just not built for exercise. My goal is to hit 50 km (31 miles) total and then reward myself with some custom Nikes. I’m over a third of a way there, and looking forward to keeping to the ten miles a month pace (if for no other reason than I would rather dance in traffic than go to an outlet center right now just to try on a damned shoe, and ten miles a month will get me into late January or early February before I earn the new shoes).

The good thing is that I’m looking forward to getting out and exercising for the first time in years and years. That right there is cause for celebration. The fact that I’m getting near-daily doses of endorphins to help naturally fight my darker moods is just the icing on the cake.

If only I could still have cake. Oh well. Could be worse.

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