December 8, 2014: Three Good Things

Today’s good things:

1. I started the day on a rough note, but was determined not to let it be what defined my day. As a result, I managed to get the non-time contingent items on my checklist done earlier than I can remember doing before, which made me feel like I’d accomplished a lot with my day.

2. I got to watch the cat launch herself from the foot of our bed into the living room in midair, then tussle with her in-flight luggage: she brought a sock in her mouth with her. The gigglefits over this were epic and memorable.

3. I learned that radical acceptance is not necessarily accepting yourself for who you are, warts and all, it’s accepting all of what has transpired in the world, both good and bad, to bring me to this one single perfect moment in time. This is a minor breakthrough. I struggle with trying to change what’s already happened, and in doing so become more and more irrational. That irrationality makes more sense now that I see what I’ve been doing all this time – trying to change the unchangeable rather than accepting it for what it is and moving forward from this point in time. This realization should make it easier for me to transition this new thought process into accepting myself for who I am rather than dwelling on what could have been. Rarely, I get glimpses into this “it is what it is” mindset with regard to my current status in life, but generally speaking I obsess with what could have been, even though I profess to have no regrets and swear up and down that I wouldn’t change anything for fear of losing what I already have in my life that’s good. I’ll be writing more about this tomorrow, because this was a big step for me to make today.

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