Lights On, Blinds Open Kind of Day

Faithful readers of this blog might have noticed my absence over the last week. That’s been partially due to recurring panic attacks over attending my intensive outpatient therapy (since put on hold until I can talk this over with my therapist) and a sudden inability to manage my blood glucose (which we think we’ve gotten worked out, but time will tell). It’s also been due to a slide in my mood that’s gotten me to hyperfocus on computer games to keep from thinking about all the bad thoughts in my head. I haven’t written, I haven’t read in my borderline books, I haven’t walked, I haven’t slept much, yesterday I did the bare minimum on my checklists which was to take my medications. I didn’t even keep an eye on my blood glucose. It’s been that kind of week.

Today is a “lights on, blinds open” kind of day, one that I really prefer there be no dark corners in the house. Having the lights on and the blinds open puts the maximum amount of light in the house, and helps to boost my mood artificially. Once again, I’m back to gaming. Tomorrow, though, that’s the day I turn things around and get back on track.

Good thoughts and well wishes would be appreciated while I quest forth and destroy zombies and other foul undead creatures. Today I barely want to do even that.

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