A Moment of Transcendence

Today I finished Kiera Van Gelder’s incredible memoir “The Buddha and the Borderline.” It left me feeling very much at peace with myself and the current moment, and that feeling has not abated in the half hour or so since I finished the book. I am very aware of my mindset and very much at peace with who I am and where I am in life. Everything that has transpired, every single decision, every action, every mistake and accomplishment, has brought me to this perfect moment in time, right now, where I can make clear decisions about all the moments that are yet to come. As each comes, they too will be perfect in their own time.

I don’t write often enough about the good in my day. I tried to make that a regular feature on this blog but my determination fizzled after a few attempts. Maybe I can return to that in the future.

Right now, though, I am filled with an amazing sense of tranquility and contentment. There’s no anxious looking to the future to incorporate the things I learned in the book (that will happen in a moment yet to come), there’s no judgment of the things I’ve done in the past. There is only right now, and this moment is sublime.

And I have chosen to share this moment in its transcendence and perfection with you, my readers, because I wish for you what I am feeling right now: contentment, peace, and love.

May you find the moment you read these words to be transcendent as I find the moment I write them.

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