Notes on a Life Improved

This post is mostly for me, but I’m sharing it, mostly to keep me accountable to my commitments.

In therapy the other day, I identified three major objectives that I would like to achieve:

  1. Get my comfort/boredom eating under control.
  2. Learn coping skills that will counter my PTSD.
  3. Learn coping skills that will counter my bipolar/BPD.

The first of these is relevant to one of my physical health goals, which is to begin eating on the DASH diet to counter my hypertension and diabetes. I can’t be successful trying to establish new eating habits if I’m constantly being derailed on my way to the goal. That’s how I got to the point that I weigh 300 pounds.

The second is necessary to help me get back into the workplace.

The third is necessary for me to stay there longer.

Professionally, I’ve identified that I want to start a scholarship fund for kids and adults who suffer from mental illnesses. I’ve taken the first step on that journey, that being to purchase and start reading “Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide” by Peri Pakroo, J.D. This book is part of the NOLO legal series of books and so far is very informative.

In my hobby life, I’m still establishing the office of Event Support Services for my region of my historical re-enactment organization, and I’m doing two radio shows a week.

Next time I try to say I’m not doing anything with my life, remind me that I’m lying to myself and despite being on disability, I’m actually quite busy.

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