May 29, 2015: Three Good Things

1. This one is going to take some explanation. My daily checklists are organized more or less in chronological order, since 80% of the items on it have to be done in a certain order or at a certain time. The 20% of items that aren’t specifically tied to a certain time of day are slotted in what I feel is the best order given how the rest of my day flows. Regardless, there’s nothing saying that I can’t get them all done in the morning or evening or in a different order than I have them listed. Today, I had all of them done by 10:00 am, leaving me the rest of the day that I wasn’t actively eating or checking vitals or taking medications free to do whatever I chose to do. It was a good feeling getting it done and knowing that the rest of the things on my checklist were basically waiting on the clock to happen.

2. One of the items on my to-do list was a project that I’m doing for the internet radio station I DJ for. I got good feedback on my part and that made me feel good about the job that I did.

3. For the second day in a row, I was under my daily caloric allotment – this time by 157. I’m not hungry, I’m not craving anything, I’m eating until I’m full. This is the best feeling of all today.

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