A Slight Improvement

I’m up early this morning.

I have something that I want to accomplish with today, and that accomplishment deals with computer gaming, so I’m up two hours before my alarm goes off to get all the stuff that I need to do (reading, learning, my daily to-do list, etc.) checked off my checklist. Besides, the groundskeepers are already outside with weed whackers and have been for the past 45 minutes, so it’s not like anyone can sleep through their racket. (I appreciate that it gets hot in Austin in June, but 7:30 is an awfully early time to start in on tending the grounds.)

So far, I’ve gotten my reading done, I’ve learned my modules in both Duolingo and Elevate for the day, and I’ve started in on my to-do list (calling doctors and cleaning the kitchen).

This is all thanks to the new anti-inflammatory that my doctor put me on for my back. I slept throughout the night, which usually means I need help getting out of bed in the morning, but today I was able to get up and start my day without even stopping off at the heating pad. My back still hurts, and hurt quite a bit when first getting up, but it wasn’t the intolerable amount of stiffness and ache that I’ve been dealing with recently. I got up in one smooth motion, winced, got dressed (slowly), came out of the bedroom, and started my day.

I have an X-ray series scheduled for Friday, and then maybe we’ll have some idea of what’s happening back there.

I like mornings like this. I like getting up early and starting my day soon after waking. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t easily go away as the day progresses. (I’d tack on my cardio workout but I use a YouTube channel on the television and the TV is up against the bedroom wall, so I don’t want to do anything to wake my wife yet. Exercise can wait, a small sacrifice in the interest of marital bliss. Besides, I still have half my coffee left.)

I’ll likely write again later today, as it is early for a blog post, but I wanted to get down the bit about my back. It’s promising, but we’ll see how it works out in the long term.

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