June 30, 2015: Three Good Things

This week I’m sharing three good things about myself rather than my day. Today is going to be a challenge, because I really don’t know if I could even relate three good things about my day, much less myself, right now. My brain weasels have taken hold and won’t let go. I’m sitting in a dark, quiet apartment, prohibiting myself from everything, even drinking water. And I have to come up with three good things about myself. This should be good.

1. I’m organized. I function better in a non-cluttered space than a cluttered one.

2. I’m loyal, to a fault. If I’ve given you my friendship or my love then it is eternal.

3. I’m polite. I was raised in the South where responses like “yes ma’am” and “no sir” were drilled into me starting from a very young age. It takes a lot for me to be impolite to someone.

So that’s done, back to staring at Facebook and waiting on the evening to pass.

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