July 5, 2015: Three Good Things

Today I’m back to the regular “good things about my day” routine. I’m actually looking forward to it. There were some good things about my past week’s worth of days that I would have like to have shared, but I felt it more important to stick to the “good things about myself” theme that I was working on last week.

1. Today was a lazy day and yet I’m going to manage to check off everything on my list but one. This is further proof that the checklist should be a bare minimum list, something I’m easily capable of doing with the right motivation. (Protip: “completing the checklist” should be the right motivation, every day.)

2. This evening I had a flare-up of irritability – I wouldn’t even classify it as an irrational episode. Seems the sensory inquiry tool works just fine even at that early stage.

3. The best part of my day was the nap that I took with my wife. For an hour and a half we slept, with my arm wrapped around her and her snuggled into my chest.

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