July 17, 2015: Three Good Things

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve been running out of spoons late at night and I just can’t be bothered to expend the energy to come up with three things about the day that were good. Today has been a total wash, moodwise, but I’m going to force myself to get something down in print.

1. Tonight’s dinner started to smell … off … as it was cooking, so rather than ingest was was very likely chicken that had gone bad, my wife went out for burgers (since we’re at the end of the week grocery-wise, and there’s not much else left in the house to eat). I had already started the cauliflower steaming, so we had McDonald’s with steamed cauliflower. (I do not recommend this. Fries are the appropriate side for a burger. Always.)

2. I came up with what I feel is a good analogy for depression. It works like of like color blindness for the mind. People with color blindness see the same world the rest of us see, but the colors are so muted and dull, a lot of what they see looks similar. In depression, we experience all the same emotions everyone else does, but they’re so muted, everything feels the same, and it takes something really vivid to break through that dullness. I’m going to write more about this tomorrow, since I think I’m onto something.

3. All I have to do is brush my teeth before getting to bed before 2:00 am and I’ll have completed my checklist for the first time in almost a month.

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