Sleepwalking Through Psychotherapy

I saw my therapist today.

I was drowsy for the whole session – in fact, I came home and took a nap for about an hour – so I don’t remember a lot of details.

I remember that we talked how I tend to let others, especially my wife, have their way about anything that also involves me, so I am to work on becoming more assertive in establishing boundaries with others regarding my needs. We talked about possible exemplar situations that I could try this skill in the future.

We also talked about trying to find ways of not feeling attacked when my wife is trying to get clarification from me in certain situations. If I’m the least bit irrational I think everything is a criticism, even if it’s an innocent question to gather more information.

My therapist wanted to know one thing that went well since the previous session, and I told her that I’m making steps toward getting my SCA office into high gear, including reaching out to others whom I’d like on my team. I also told her about reporting my lack of progress to the person that oversees me, and how that went

My homework this week is to list ten things that I’m grateful for, and to make a list of rewards for when I accomplish certain things. (I’m complete pants at working on a reward-based system and so I’m trying to teach myself how to function this way.)

One thought on “Sleepwalking Through Psychotherapy

  1. I really enjoyed this post. You began by stating that you didn’t remember much about your session because you were tired, but you remember quite a bit actually. You remember the discussions about being more assertive, establishing boundaries, getting your needs met, and thinking about rationalization of your own thoughts. WOW! I’d say that’s a pretty good session and you remember quite a bit and got a lot of out it. Great job!

    Grateful things: I have to remind myself daily that I’m grateful just to be here after my trauma (as I flat lined 3 times that night). I’m grateful that I have a relationship that I can work on and make better every day. I’m grateful for my family, my children, and my boyfriend’s grandchildren that are a big part of my life. Maybe these are just a couple things you may be able to put on your list too? I sure do hope so.

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