Finally, a Breakthrough

I have written many times in this blog about the ongoing struggle I’m having with finding a psychiatric medication manager. That struggle is almost over. I have checked with my former long-term med manager and she’s willing to see me at a reduced rate since I’d be paying out of pocket. While we work out the details of arranging a first visit, she even went so far as to call in the refills I need to my pharmacy, giving me a month of full psychiatric medication, none of which has changed since I last saw her. It’s the best outcome I can imagine, and in fact was better than I imagined, as I was surprised to find six prescriptions waiting for me at the pharmacy when I was expecting only three.

Today is day two of being almost fully medicated. (There was one of the meds that my wife called in for me that we didn’t pick up, for my back, due to being short funds for the week, not thinking it was doing a lot of good, and needing to pick up the ones that I’d been out of for so long. My back woke me up this morning and pointedly let me know otherwise. This morning was the first I’d spent on the heating pad in weeks, so I guess it was doing its job after all.) It’s a good time to really concentrate on getting back into my old positive habits, and I’m doing more or less decently on that. The last three days have been productive beyond my expectations and I’m very happy for that. I just need to keep on keeping on.

As far as the rest of my evening goes, I think I’ve earned the right to take it easy and chill out on the couch with either a game or a movie.

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