Being Productive Can Be Expensive

Today I basically had one thing on my to-do list: take the car in for an oil change and tire rotation and a topping off of all the fluids. And I did it! Cue the dancing girls and the juggling monkey!

Only when they came back with the paperwork they started with, “Well, we put the spare on for now,” which is never a good sign.

The oil change and tire rotation was today. Later this week, we’ll be getting two new tires, a new rim, and an alignment done.

Seems we managed to bark up against a median a little too hard and bent the rim, which led to a slow leak in that tire.

On the plus side, this means that instead of having to fork out for four new tires in a year’s time, we just split that out to alternate between changing two and two, which more importantly splits out the cost of having to replace all four tires simultaneously.

I found the silver lining in an expensive auto maintenance trip. I think I’m done adulting for the day now. Let the administration of coffee (in celebration of International Coffee Day!) and cheesy movies and computer games begin!

(NB: Yes, I know this one doesn’t really deal with my mood or my mental illness or my physical health. Thought a break from the stress of NEEDING to write about one of those topics would be good and a simple “what I did with my Tuesday” post fit the bill nicely.)

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