Expensive Productivity, Part Two

This one’s going to be kinda quick and dirty. Hope you’re okay with quick and dirty. (I said quick and dirty, heh heh.)

Went back to the dealership today to have the new rim and new tires installed (they had to special order the rim and have it overnighted to the shop, hence the need for the return trip) and an alignment done. Was told over the phone it would be around X dollars, and was told when handing over the keys it would be about an hour.

Closer to two hours later, they reported the work was done.

For something like 1.75X dollars. Nearly twice what I was quoted on the phone.

I took a closer look at the bill and everything seemed to be exactly what I was told would happen. They even tacked on a $30 discount, which they didn’t have to do nor did we ask. And it was still nearly twice what I was quoted.

This is the first time that I’ve experienced anything like this from this dealership. Every other time I’ve gone, they’ve gotten me out the door quicker than promised and for less money.

The natural assumption is that the work just took longer and therefore accrued a higher labor charge, but the itemized receipt that I was given only itemizes insofar as to separate distinct services into one overall sub-price, with no line item for labor included.

Oh well. Next time I’ll be sure to expect a little more realistic results than I’ve been lucky enough to receive up til this point.

Still not enough to stop us from going back, however. This is the only place the car’s been serviced, and it’s valuable to me to have the entire service history retrievable with a single phone call.

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