Funny, I Was Supposed To Be Resting

I haven’t felt well all day. Between my sinuses being aggravated by all the new fall allergens in the air, my head pounding because of my sinuses, and my shoulder hurting just because the day ends in Y, I’ve been a mess. I slept in until 11:00 am and was promptly informed that I’m going to take it easy today. So this is my definition of “taking it easy.”

  • I went to see my therapist, and got the important stuff discussed in 30 minutes so I could go home and go back to bed, since I couldn’t stay awake in her office.
  • I canceled my weekly radio show, then managed to participate in the replacement show broadcast by my wife. She did most of the work, but the idea was for me to rest. (My wife was home today due to the same allergy problems as well as generalized body pain.)
  • I’ve managed to do everything I would normally be doing during a regular day checklist-wise up to this point in the day, and honestly don’t see any reason to not complete the rest of my tasks.

So yeah, I completely fail at “taking it easy.” In fact, I made things worse, as my walk today tweaked my back and I came straight home and applied Tylenol. (Ow.) Maybe tomorrow I’ll take it easy, if I still feel under the weather.

NB: A factoid that will interest only me – today I have been married for 4,719 days, or roughly 27.85% of my life.

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