October 3, 2015: Three Good Things

1. I like sports, enough to follow how my teams are doing over the Internet but not enough to either subscribe to cable or go to a sports bar or a friend’s to watch the games. Baseball season is winding down, and the closest thing I have to a team is fighting for a spot in the playoffs. For the last several days, things have transpired exactly as they’ve needed to for them to stay in the division race with one more game remaining tomorrow. (Baseball fans should be able to figure out “my team” from that little description.) Go team! Sports well!

2. I had a friend over tonight for our radio show. We had a good time, there were many hi-jinx, and there was a Kahlua crazy cake, made without eggs or milk, but with a TON of boozahol. One tiny piece, about an inch and a half square, gave me a tiny little buzz.

3. Today is day six of total completion of my checklist. This equals my longest string ever (remember, the only other time I did this was during a time when I had one optional check mark that was completed twice and not applicable four times during the string). If I complete my checklist tomorrow, I will have a solid week of compliance, make it one of my three good things one last time, and then drop it to “bonus item” status, since for the past few days it’s really been “two good things plus the checklist.” I’d like to try and look further than “I did everything I was supposed to” for the good in my life.

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