NaBloPoMo Day 26: Just Another Typical Thursday

I wrote yesterday about the things that I’m thankful for. That’s because for all intents and purposes, this is just like any other Thursday at our house. My wife is still working, I’m still doing a radio show. We had leftovers for lunch and will be having leftovers for dinner. In fact, the only two things that make today different than any other Thursday is that my wife is working 10am-7pm instead of 2pm-11pm, and she’ll be doing a radio show just after mine. Oh, and there’s been a call to my mother and will be one to my daughter and my wife’s side of the family when my wife gets home from work.

Our big Thanksgiving dinner is going to have to wait until another time.

But that’s okay with me. Holidays tend to stress me out because despite everyone having the day off to do whatever they want, tradition holds that we spend it with family and prepare a tremendous feast of a meal to celebrate. The only stress that we’re going to experience today outside of the usual Thursday stress is the hurried programming of a second radio show tonight. We’re going to be able to counter that with the fun and shenanigans that usually happen during our joint radio show on Saturdays once my solo show is off the air. There’s also the logistics of cooking a turkey with sides in our galley kitchen. There’s precious little countertop space and it’s not very conducive to getting a big elegant spread on the table.

I’m perfectly content to push that stress off to another day.

It’s not like I don’t like big holiday meals; I do, and I especially love making sandwiches out of the leftover turkey. But given how this week started, I’m content to not have a crazy day piled on to the way I was feeling earlier in the week.

So, for my readers in the United States, happy Thanksgiving, and for my readers in other countries, um … happy Thursday. Nothing says you can’t have a turkey dinner tonight too if you want, except that it’s kind of past dinnertime in Europe, so that basically leaves North and South America with enough time to work that turkey in. If you hurry. And if you like turkey. It’s okay to not have to like turkey.

I forgot where I was going with this. I appear to be rambling. I guess I’ll just wrap this up, then.

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