NaBloPoMo Day 28: A Day Out

Today I did a fair amount of face-to-face socialization, in addition to the usual online socialization I do during a radio show. My wife and I went out to pick up some crochet patterns from a friend of ours and got the chance to see the lovely renovations they’ve done on their home. Once we left there, it was straight off to have lunch with another friend we haven’t seen in well over 10 years, plus her fiancee and his mother, neither of whom we’d met before. I didn’t do much talking, but that’s pretty standard for me whenever there’s someone new that I’m talking to. My anxiety was getting to me by the end of the meal, however. I caught myself kinda zoning out on the conversation at times and really wanting to get up and run, outside, anywhere. The restaurant was quite crowded and I think between the interactions face-to-face and the hubbub of the crowd, it was getting to me. Still, I had a very enjoyable time despite my anxiety.

I need to start remembering that I am capable of handling my anxiety in public for short periods, and start getting out there to spend more time with my friends.


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