Back to Basics

After I posted my most recent post, which was over two weeks ago, I subconsciously decided that I was going to take the holidays off and enjoy myself. There were some rough times, especially on Christmas Day, and some anxious times, most notably the day after Christmas, but I managed to get through without too much conflict in the house.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to take a look at what direction my life is going.

Physically, my health is deteriorating very, very slowly. My fasting blood sugars are as high as 148, my blood pressure is randomly creeping northwards of 170/105, and I weigh more now than I ever have. I can’t blame that on the holidays, though, this has been a trend over the past several weeks. The blame rests squarely on my diet and lack of exercise. I haven’t eaten like I should, partially because we’ve been very lean in the budget and eating well is more expensive than eating poorly. We’re taking steps to fix that, however, and now that we’re caught back up on the bills we should have slightly more wiggle room from week to week. I’ve resolved to get back out there and exercise more than I have been, and to remember to be easy on myself – it’s been months since I was walking regularly.

I’ve removed two items from my checklist that don’t have to be done every day, getting it back to the version that I’ve been most successful at adhering to. And with the holidays behind us, and Monday starting a new week, it’s as good a time as any to recommit to taking care of myself rather than just coasting through life like I have been of late.

So, expect to see more of my ramblings as 2016 progresses. Here’s to improvement this year over last.

Note: regular readers of this blog will note that I posted something last year eschewing New Year’s resolutions, and may conclude that this recommitment of mine passes for a resolution. I wouldn’t say that since I’m not declaring any specific goals – I just plan on 2016 being better than 2015 was, and at the end of the year I want there to be some notable headway in improving my life and my situation. There’s still time to figure out what I want to do in the months ahead. But getting back on my checklist will likely be the starting point for it all, so that’s where I’m starting.

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