An Early Assessment

Today didn’t effectively start until after 1:00 pm. I slept in until 10:00 am, woke up, had vitals and meds and coffee and breakfast, then went back to sleep for another couple of hours or so. I also woke up in a good amount of pain.

It’s days like this that I spent weeks writing off – if they can’t start with me coming out of bed swinging to meet the day, then there’s no point at all to doing any of it, I would tell myself – but today, I haven’t done that.

My checklists are organized in more or less chronological order. The first things on them are vitals, hygiene, meds, and breakfast, then the things that I can fit in between then and lunch, then the things I can fit in between then and dinner, including my catchall “to-do” activity for my daily chores, and then leisure and socializing after dinner, during a time when socialization is most likely, before doing my evening activities like meds, exercise, hygiene, and finally bed. So far I’m up to speed on all my activities, despite the long sleep-in.

This is only day three of getting back on my checklists and food tracker, but so far it’s been mostly successful. Sunday I only missed one thing on my list; yesterday I missed only two. I’ve logged everything that’s crossed my lips since Sunday morning. And I’ve felt good about it. The distraction of getting back into the swing of things is helping quite a good deal.

Longtime readers of this blog may remember that I went through this same several-weeks-long gap in my charting around about the same time last year. That’s one of the reasons that it’s important for me to blog, so I can track trends in my mood and be prepared if there’s a pattern that I can establish. If this happens again next year, I’m calling that a seasonal downswing. Regardless, I think it’s worth a mention to my therapist.

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