Achievements and Rewards

As I wrote at length yesterday, I fought down one of the biggest anxiety attacks I’ve ever experienced Thursday. I’ve had them more acute, to the point that I’ve been hospitalized for fear of having a heart attack, but none have been as long-lasting.

So today I’m rewarding myself for overcoming that challenge, partially.

Part of today’s activities have been governed by a migraine that won’t seem to go away. It’s not a bad one, thankfully, but being still and not doing much helps alleviate the pain a good deal, so partially because of the headache and partially because of my achievement on Thursday I’ve decided to dedicate today to computer gaming.

I’m still doing my checklist items, but fortunately they don’t take long to do and I’m consciously limiting my to-do list to “whatever arises in the kitchen over the course of the day.” I’m not cooking, but I’ve made a round or two of coffee for me and my wife, and I’ve cycled our water. (We rotate through three gallon jugs of water and the large Brita reservoir in the fridge, so there’s always plenty on hand – outside of coffee, milk, and the rare soda and even rarer hard cider, water’s what we drink.)

But today I’ve made a conscious decision to put everything else off until tomorrow and spend the day losing myself in my favorite computer game.

My wife and I are playing different installations of the same single-person game and we’re essentially shadowing one another through the same content. She’s taken a break to make dinner, so I’m taking a break and writing here.

Apart from the headache, today’s been a good day so far. I’ll take it.

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