Feeling Fabulous

Well, no, not exactly. I’m kinda lethargic but I had something happen to me earlier today that helped in a bigger way than I thought it would.

Last night I was looking for productivity apps on my phone as I drifted off to sleep (why yes, I have woken up to the sensation of dropping my phone on my face, why do you ask?) and I found this app called Fabulous. I installed it and left it alone until this afternoon.

It seems to be a habit-establishing app, and I could use a little routine and new habits, so I figured I’d give it a go.

First point in favor of the app: it’s from Duke University, the home of the Talent Identification Program, a program to help identify gifted students and help them achieve their full potential, and one I attended in 1983, so there’s a little bit of sentimental attachment there.

Second point in favor: they’re starting very slow, with the establishment of a morning routine. The first new habit is drinking a glass of water immediately after waking up, so I’ll give that a shot.

I’m not endorsing this app in any way yet, since I barely know anything about its program, but I’ll continue to update the blog on my progress as I learn more and as I continue using it.

But here’s the thing that really surprised me. I started using it after declaring that I didn’t have any inclination to accomplish much of anything and had, in fact, gone back to bed to sleep off the afternoon and hopefully the lethargy. I wasn’t feeling necessarily depressed, but I did experience a complete lack of interest in anything. Starting up this app motivated me to get out of bed and get busy with my checklist that I already do. (That’s the other thing – I need to see how compatible this new app is with my well-established checklist routine before I can tell whether it’ll work for me.) So I suppose that’s the third point in favor of the app.

More tomorrow when I’ve learned more about how the app works.

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