Football to the Throat

Toward the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer said to Star-Lord, “Finger to the throat means death,” then paused and said “Metaphor.” Star-Lord’s response was “Yeah, sorta.”

This actually became relevant in today’s therapy session when I brought up the subject of shame. I’ve mentioned this in a past post, I’m sure, but when I was in fourth grade I didn’t have any knowledge of football, and had to give an oral book report on a book about football. There was a display element involved as well. The only thing I did was do the diorama, and when it came time to present my report, it was painfully, hilariously obvious that I hadn’t actually read the book. That moment still haunts me to this day. Although its effect on me is not as bad as other, more recent instances of shame, it’s the example I use most often when talking about the subject.

It was suggested that I put this into perspective, using a football to symbolize my shame. When you’re in fourth grade, an official regulation football is kind of a big thing, not something that you can easily play with. (The football used for that age group is one size smaller than a regulation football, incidentally.) The football is too big to handle. But now that I’m an adult, the football isn’t as proportionately large, and so I can handle it much easier.

When that was mentioned, my wife looked at me and said “Finger to the throat means death.” And it clicked.

So we’ll have to see how this metaphor will work in practice, but for now, I have a new tool in the tool kit to help combat my mental illness.

Side note, relevant to recent posts about my laptop: The silicone keyboard cover came in today. It’s thin enough to allow me to shut the lid and installed very easily. It’s a little different typing on it, but hopefully it’ll do the trick should there be a future water spill.

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