Drawing a Blank

At three separate times today the subject for today’s blog post crossed my mind, and just as quickly exited before being stored in even short-term memory. This stuff was popping up in the “hey wait OOH SHINY” part of my memory, and I am certain that that is the medical term for this phenomena.

I could write about one of my favorite comic books coming to life this week in AMC’s Preacher. Forewarned that the series would not be mirroring the comics in any way at all, and that material from the comics wouldn’t really start showing up until episode ten, I went in clear of expectations. I was not disappointed. The pilot episode was darkly funny, action packed, brutally violent and gory and just downright weird – which is precisely the spirit of the comics themselves. I have high hopes for this series.

I could write about what they’ve done to poor Steve Rogers in the comics. The internet kinda blew the doors off this one – screw spoilers – and collectively grabbed their torches and pitchforks over the plot twist that they say has been planned for two years and hinted at since 1940. I’m not going to even honor this development by naming it in this blog. What they’re doing is absolutely wrong. There are little kids with Captain America plastered all over their bedrooms crying their eyes out over what they’re doing with him in the comics. You can tell me they’ll retcon this just like they retcon every ludicrous storyline that’s ever done in the comics, and I’m certain they will, but the damage is already being done to the core audience. Rethink this course of action, Marvel, before sales figures force your hand.

I could write about one of my fellow DJs who at this very moment is possibly on stage with his band Super Mega Everything competing for the chance to play the Haight Ashbury Street Fair in San Francisco later this year. This is a huge deal for a NorCal band and would put them in front of thousands of attendees. I really hope it goes well for him and his band tonight. He’s a really decent guy and this would be an excellent opportunity for him to broaden his fan base.

I’m pretty certain what I intended to write about isn’t any of those things, to be honest, but they’re what’s popping into my head now, so this is what you get. Lesson learned: when inspiration hits, don’t put it off – sit down and write.


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