Feline Meditation

This morning was a little rough, physically speaking. I woke up at 8:00 am, which is an hour earlier than my body is used to just yet (our schedule changed on Tuesday morning and it’s taken a little bit to grow accustomed to waking up an hour earlier), took my vitals, meds, and breakfast, and promptly went back to sleep around 9:10 am. I apparently needed the sleep because I was out until after 1:00 pm.

Okay, well, not quite. There were three separate times that our cat Two Socks woke me up with very insistent mewling, like she was distraught over something. She gets like this whenever my wife leaves for work sometimes, so we think it’s a separation anxiety thing: she woke up from a nap and couldn’t find her people straightaway, so she needed to call out for them.

The first two times I woke up and tried to give her scritches from the position I was in. She would inch juuuust out of reach until I rolled over enough to actually pet her. Both times I hit that threshold, she immediately rolled over onto her back and offered her belly to me, which I happily rubbed both times for a few minutes each time. Then I’d get tired again and go back to sleep.

The third time we repeated this process, only it continued on to her climbing on me and making feeties (our term for “making biscuits,” or kneading) on my belly. Finally she settled in the crook of my outstretched arm and we lay there for a few minutes, with me stroking her back until my back finally said I’d had enough of being horizontal and it was time to go make friends with the heating pad on the couch.

Shortly after the heating pad had done its magic on my back, I went outside to pet the neighborhood stray we call Stormy, who was lounging on our porch. She immediately got up and came over to the door as I walked through, hoping that maybe this time would be the one that I let her into the house. (We want to, but there are several factors preventing this, most prominent being that we’d never let her back out of the house, we’d have a second cat, and the neighborhood would miss her unless I put up a flyer with her picture stating “CLAIMED.” The downstairs neighbor seemed upset that we took Two Socks in, and I’d hate to think how she’d react if we took in the other cat that she actually lets come in the house when it’s cold or raining outside.). Stormy followed me over to the chair where I rubbed her back for several minutes. Eventually she flopped over onto her side and I continued rubbing and petting her on her flank. After a few minutes of this, she rolled over onto her back, exposing her belly, and gently pushing me away when I tried to scritch her there, then continued rolling over to her other side. We went through this process a few more times before the Texas heat had me heading back into the air conditioning.

It was a good start to the afternoon. It reminded me that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best and that there’s always time to stop and appreciate those instances when they appear. I felt centered and grounded after my feline meditations, and that made my day that much better.

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