Fighting Sleep and Promised Pictures

Today’s blog post is going to be quick and dirty. Let me handle the title of today’s blog post in reverse order. Above is a picture of the finished Fallingwater build that I wrote about at length yesterday and promised to provide today. It was great fun to do and it’s brilliantly put together. Of all the LEGO builds, this one puts the most emphasis on the landscape surrounding the building, but the house itself is an engineering marvel. The house is designed to lift off of the landscape base so that you can examine it in closer detail. It’s also put together in three interlocking pieces that just slide into place. It’s fantastic to have it on my shelf after all these years.

As for today, well … today has been spent fighting sleep most all day, which isn’t a good thing. I have a lot to do today, what with the show (and its theme that took a bit of research and decision making to come together) happening later this evening. Got up, did vitals, had breakfast, went to lie down, got up after a short nap, put together tonight’s playlist, went to lie down again, and finally got up a few minutes later due to my mid-afternoon meds and vitals alarm going off. So I decided to go ahead and knock out my self-development checklist items while I’m up before going to lie down again. (I need to get them done before the show starts, since our playlist looks to be pretty long tonight.)

Wish the lethargy would lift, but it’s still there.

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