“Reframing describes a technique used in therapy to help create a different way of looking at a situation, person, or relationship by changing its meaning.” (Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW)

I haven’t written anything since the day I had my meeting with Vocational Rehabilitative Services, because I’ve been processing what happened to me and trying to figure out where things went wrong. If you haven’t done so, the background for today’s entry can be found here.

I started by trying to determine if things did, in fact, go wrong. My initial career path was intended to be an architectural drafter. A search on for “architectural drafter I” in the Austin area came up with a bottom 10% of people in the profession making $14 an hour, the bottom 25% making $16 hourly, the median making $19 hourly, the top 25% making $24 hourly, and the top 10% making $27 hourly. Architectural drafter II positions are making $16/$20/$25/$31/$37 for the same percentile ranges, with the majority of positions requiring 2-5 years of experience at that level. As those that know from reading my prior post, I instead agreed to a certificate program doing medical billing & coding. says that those positions in the Austin area are making $17/$20/$23/$27/$31 for the same percentile ranges above, which is considerably more than what an architectural drafter I would be making in town, for half the time in school. That got me to rethinking how things shook out last month at VRS.

In scrambling to get myself a career path, they managed to upgrade my salary and make it so I could be in the job market months earlier than I had initially planned.

Now, does this mean that I’m not going to file a complaint against my case manager? I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I have to deal with the person until I’m ready for the job market, which will be sometime next year, so I’m not certain that a complaint would help that relationship thrive. I think that his failings in my case are due to him being new on the job – the 30th was not the first time that he’d called a senior counselor in to assist him – so it’s simply a matter of inexperience, something that I’d have avoided by being assigned a more senior counselor – and something that I would have no way of knowing was desirable prior to several meetings with the man. At the least, I’m going to write out a detailed letter of what happened when, if nothing else for my own satisfaction of having written the thing. There’s also the possibility that a complaint will reverse the career path that I’ve found myself on, to something that will pay less.

In addition, I can always go back to school on my own dime once I’ve saved up some money from working to help defray tuition and expenses. That way I’ll have more time than 90 days to pick a career choice that will be both personally and financially satisfying on top of minimizing student loans.

After several days of soul-searching, I think I’m okay with how things turned out with VRS, even if it wasn’t what I was initially looking for. This is going to put me in a position to be far better equipped to make the decision regarding school when the time is right.

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