Take It Easy

In lieu of a political post today (which is what I really want to write about but I don’t want the headache of political debate on my social media), I’m going to essentially describe my day. This is not atypical for me, mind, I’m on disability and a lot of my weekend days look a lot like my weekdays. So here’s a typical Saturday in the life of yours truly.

We start out with something atypical. About 4:15 or so this morning, I woke up with a screaming headache, so I sat up for a while and chatted with a friend through Steam chat while I gave the Tylenol and Sudafed and quart of water a chance to kick in and do its thing. I went back to bed roughly an hour and a half later and stayed there until 8:30, when my alarm to do my morning vitals and meds went off.

I stayed awake long enough to do vitals and meds, my reading (I have a self-help book that I’m usually in the middle of, and so I read a passage in it), and enough of my learning to count for my streaks (Duolingo had eleven lessons for me this morning, and I wasn’t Spanishing very well pre-coffee, so I got four in the tank and called it done for a while). And then I went back to bed, because I was tired and I could.

It was nearly noon when I finally rolled out of bed for good, had breakfast and coffee, started cycling through my characters in Star Trek Online, and began following the events of the day on Facebook and Twitter. I spent a couple hours on that, and somewhere in the middle of that we queued up Deadpool for yet another viewing. Somewhere in the middle of Deadpool it was decided that my wife and I should start going through music for tonight’s broadcast, and we started going through songs from 1997 – 20 years ago – and largely going “who?” and “I don’t remember this song, do you?” Eventually we pulled enough music out of the past to do a full show, and while my wife started lining up the songs and plugging them into our broadcast software, I went to take a short nap.

I woke up again around 6:15 after about an hour and a half and started prepping dinner while my wife put the finishing touches on the show. The show started at 7:00 and will run through 10:00 (so I’m actually writing in between talk breaks), and then we go for a walk before settling into whatever we’re going to do for the rest of the evening before bed.

As I said, that’s not an atypical day for me, and I’m looking to expand my horizons in the coming months, in preparation for school this fall. I need to be able to handle social situations without freaking out and I can’t do that just being social once or maybe twice a month. I’m thinking about asking the local library if they need volunteers, which will serve two purposes: it’ll get me out of the house, and it’ll also force me to read more than I allow myself to do. There are a couple other things I have in mind, but I’ll be weighing my options over the next few weeks.

It’s not an exciting life by any stretch. But it’s an honest one, and it’s what I’m capable of doing right now. I’m on target to get full marks on my checklist for a fifth straight day, and that represents my second longest streak of what I consider to be a full day. They’re little steps, but they’re big ones for me. Or at least they seem big. I suppose everyone’s experience is different.

I miss being the person that I was. I acted confident (although to be fair I’ve very rarely ever FELT confident in any situation), I was a lot more social, and I was keeping busy outside the house. I want to get back to being that guy again. I used to complain about how little I did, but I wasn’t in the boat that I am now, and now I realize that I was comparatively downright busy during those years that I was able to put up a confident front.

Anyway, somehow this post about my day turned into a post about my life. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be less stream of conscience tomorrow and a lot more cohesive about what I plan on writing.

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