Grinding to a Halt

No, not progress. Today’s been a decent day so far. I’ve been both productive and lazy at alternate points in the day, and it’s been a good balance of what I should be doing versus what I want to be doing. I’ve completed five straight days of full marks on my checklist and am gunning for day six today. No, what’s ground to a half is my creativity.

See, when I started this blog I had a lot to write about. Things were happening, things were developing, things were in some state of constant flux, so there’s always been something to write about. Longtime readers of my blog will note that for several months there I was posting once or twice a month. That’s because I’d basically run out of things to say.

My thought processes have been largely occupied with politics of late, a condition that continues to this day. I’m set in my ways, my positions on the issues remain firm, and so any political debate is kinda pointless, since no one’s going to change my mind about what I believe and I’m not really out to try and convince someone that their viewpoint is wrong either. Yet any discussion about politics on social media tends to be an open invitation to conversations that can easily devolve into vehement arguments and name calling and I just don’t want that crap on my wall. So I’ve made the conscious decision to avoid politics over the past several months, despite my wanting to share my view of the country and world at large. Since politics has taken up a large portion of my thinking process and I’m purposely avoiding any public discussion of politics, that means that I’ve been really short of writing material for the past several months.

On top of this, my life has more or less become stagnant lately. I barely do anything different from day to day, and what I spend most of my time doing can be summed up with “spent another day staring at things on the internet, waiting for something to catch my attention so I can share it with either my wife or with others, depending on my mood at the time, and if I remember to do so I’ll turn on Pandora so I’m not sitting in silence all day – also I ate and took my medication and my vitals like I’m supposed to.”

But here I am trying to get back on the bandwagon of full marks on my checklist, which begs the question – do I continue making “writing” a daily objective, or do I change my checklist to reflect my diminishing ideas for this blog? Do I write about sitting around the house all day basically staring at the walls because I have a tick mark to consider in the broad scheme of my day or do I let it go and just write when I feel like it?

I’m basically stuck in a rut and I don’t really see any feasible way of pulling myself out of it without greatly inconveniencing those I love, and it’s not worth that to try and pull myself out of this day-to-day grind. It’s a life, even if it is boring, so here I suppose I’m going to sit, writing about nothing because it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

2 thoughts on “Grinding to a Halt

    1. That’s not a bad idea on days that I’m otherwise stuck. I’ll look into a source for prompts. Thanks for the suggestion. đŸ™‚


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