Made It, and Made It

One more short blog post today, since I’m pressed for time suddenly. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon that lasted far longer than I thought it would (everything’s fine, was just a regular checkup and medication consolidation and flu shot and bloodwork for a ton of things and holy cow were we thorough today) and that’s kind of pushed everything else back.

Yesterday I completed full marks on my checklist for the 13th straight day. That’s a new longest streak for me and I celebrated it by creating an activity item in my Daylio mood tracker app that recognizes full marks, so I’ll be able to track that as its own activity item moving forward. (I did go back and fill in the item for the 12 previous days in this streak as well.) I’m trying to get back on track to make it a full two weeks today. In some ways I’m cutting corners – the shorter blog posts, the math homework only to the point that the streak remains alive for the day – but in others I’m not. My reading is still one section in my books per day, my Spanish is still all my refresher lessons plus one new one, exercise has to be dedicated walking and not “I was pretty busy around the house so that counts.”

It’s a good feeling to be back in the middle of a streak, although there’s occasionally panic that I’ve forgotten to do something. But I’m being fastidious with my checklists and not lazy (checking off days at a time based on what I remember doing and what I’ve recorded in other places) and that’s helping.

As far as my weekend project, I reached my goal: I met the requirements for an anniversary giveaway in one of my games that gave me a free account-wide item worth $25 cash. All in all over this anniversary season I received over $150 worth of in-game items and services for free, missing only two potential giveaways – one because I already had the item being given away, and one because I didn’t have a qualifying character of high enough level to unlock the item. I’d consider that a decent haul for the week – plus I have another year to get that qualifying character high enough to unlock similar items in next year’s anniversary giveaways. Piece of cake.


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