A Concerning Development

I have a recurrence of an old problem, and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Before last August, I would regularly wake up at around my regular time, do my vitals, take my meds, maybe have a coffee and breakfast, and then head back to sleep for the rest of the morning, finally rolling out of bed around noon or 1 pm. Then I got a CPAP machine, and I was keeping VERY regular sleeping hours. I felt I was getting plenty of rest, I would only occasionally nap for perhaps a half hour in the afternoons, I was doing well.

But recently I’ve gotten back into the habit of waking up, doing my vitals, taking my meds, maybe having a coffee and breakfast, and then going back to sleep for a while. This morning I managed to get as far as breakfast and about a third of my coffee plus my reading and part of my learning before the phone rang. It was my mother, who was rambling from topic to topic so quickly I couldn’t really follow her and could only occasionally get an “uh-huh” in between topics. This wore me out emotionally, so when the phone call ended I laid my head back on the pillow at the top of the couch and … the next thing I know it was just before noon.

Yesterday I finally got out of bed for good around 1 pm. The day before it was close to noon.

It looks like I’m back in the habit of sleeping far longer than is really necessary, and it’s affecting my productivity greatly.

I wish I knew what was causing this. I admit, I’m regularly staying up until 1:30 or 2 am reading things on my phone before putting on my mask and turning out the lights, but that still doesn’t explain why I need to sleep for nearly 11 hours a day these days.

Maybe I should call the folks at the sleep center to bump up my appointment from April.

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