Bargaining With Ourselves

Today’s going to be another short post, partially because I’m exhausted and really want to go lie down and partially because I can’t really think of anything earth-shattering to share.

My wife and I are still trying to recover from strep throat. We’re no longer contagious, thank goodness, and our symptoms are starting to lessen, but we’re both exceptionally fatigued still.

Sunday is kind of a work day for us here. Sunday’s the day we do our grocery shopping for the week and also the day that we do laundry. More often than not, there’s also cooking done to prep for the week ahead. Today we have all that do to, plus other assorted errands, in addition to the work we’re doing in repopulating the new hard drives. Problem is, that’s an awful lot to do in a day’s time, and we’re more fatigued than usual today. I’ve been for a nap twice today; my wife just went down for her second one as well, and I’m going to join her soon after writing today’s blog entry.

We’ve found ourselves trying to bargain away things to be done – what if we cut laundry (which, we admit, we’ve gotten a little behind on) down to the bare minimum of what needs to be done for the week? What if we put laundry off until tomorrow night, or possibly Tuesday? Can we put off the cooking prep for another night? There’s a good part of me that really wants to just say screw it and let it all slide in favor of just taking it easy, but that’s an impossible thing. Fortunately, the grocery shopping – which HAD to get done – was done earlier today, so that’s out of the way. But it’s getting later and later, and our desire to get all the things done is meeting our symptoms head on, and we’re not really sure which one is going to win out.

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