A Big Milestone

Regular readers of this blog will know about my daily checklist. It’s a way to structure my day and to challenge myself while I work my way through the issues that have me on disability at this point in time. There are twenty-one items on the checklist each day. Some of them are essential for my health – taking my vitals four times a day to monitor my blood pressure, taking my meds at the appropriate times, eating three meals a day, exercising, getting to bed with enough time to get a decent night’s sleep before starting the following day. Some of them are activities designed to give me some structure to my day – reading in a self-help book, doing my learning activities in the Elevate and Duolingo apps on my phone, writing in this blog, ensuring that I don’t focus entirely on productivity (which I am prone to do) by setting aside time each day for leisure activities and socialization, even if that socialization only takes place via messengers online, plus a generalized “to-do” category that adds things like household chores and occasional tasks that need my attention, like putting together a playlist for my radio show. And historically it’s been very difficult for me to keep my head about me long enough to do all the items on the list. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of forgetting to do something; sometimes it’s just not having the energy to get something done.

Yesterday I completed a huge milestone with regard to this checklist. Yesterday represented thirty straight days of completing full marks on my checklist.

I started this checklist on October 24, 2014, and the number of items on it has fluctuated from the start, but I’ve been on the current list of twenty-one items for the better part of nine months now. Before I started the streak I’m currently on, I’ve managed to complete my checklist a total of 33 times in the nearly 28 months that I’ve been doing this checklist. That means that this streak represents almost half the times I’ve completed my checklist since I started keeping it.

I’m very proud of myself for sticking to it through this streak. There are times it’s been hard – getting out and exercising when you feel like hell because of strep throat isn’t easy or fun, and I admit that I walked a shorter route during that time, but the point is that I went out and did it. I’m especially proud of the fact that this streak is crossing over into a time on the calendar that’s historically rough for me, and I’m showing no signs of letting up on the streak anytime soon.

So that’s my big news for the day. Tomorrow I have something that’s just as big, but you’ll have to wait until then to see what it is.

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