Another Big Milestone (And Another!)

Yesterday I wrote about hitting thirty days of full marks on my daily checklist. Today I have another, even bigger milestone to write about.

Today – just now, in fact – I completed my 180th straight day on my learning apps, Elevate and Duolingo. That’s six months straight!

When you combine this streak with the one that I broke six months ago, that means that over the past ten months I’ve only missed one day of doing my learning. That’s really kind of cool.

The learning is helping me to certain degrees. The things that I’m learning in the Elevate app are helping me to become a better listener and writer, and I’m able to do more complicated math problems in my head these days. The Duolingo is where I’m noticing more progress, since there’s more and more Spanish that I see out in the wild that I can read at least part of and understand. More often than not, I can see something written in Spanish and go “I can read some of that!” and that’s a good feeling.

I’m looking forward to seeing how long I can stretch this streak. I know that by the time I finish another six months I’ll have completed my Spanish lessons on Duolingo and will either need to move to a new language or continue brushing up on my Spanish as my memory naturally forgets things over time (or both).

EDIT: I just logged breakfast in my calorie counter and was informed that I’d logged in for 300 days in a row. So double bonus!

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