Bump in the Road

We took the car in for service this morning. The warning display in the car said it was due for an oil change and a tire rotation, so we figured this wouldn’t be that expensive a trip.

Once the dealership finished with the car, they told us that, in addition to the oil change and tire rotation that we had authorized, they also recommended a brake system flush, brake pad replacement, tune-up, rear end alignment, fuel induction service, as well as a strong recommendation that we replace the battery, all money that we don’t have right now. None of these are pressing issues except for the battery, but we opted to decline all additional service on the car so we could price batteries elsewhere.

Later in the day we went to do laundry, and since we’ve been sick recently we let it kind of pile up, so we drove it to the laundry facility across the complex (we always drive it anyway, but there was a lot of laundry this time, so we were definitely going to drive it). We parked the car on the curb, hit the hazard flashers, and took the laundry in to get it started.

Except that all the washers had been taken up and were sitting done and ready for the dryer. So rather than pulling all that laundry out and piling it somewhere, something that we hate having done to ourselves, we grabbed the laundry and took it back to the car. We got in the car, turned the hazards off, turned the key and … nothing.

Several times we tried this, and nothing happened. We had to get one of the leasing agents at the management office to give us a jump, and we then drove around for some time trying to get the battery charged up again.

I told you all this to tell you that it looks like we’re in the market for a battery now rather than later. Yay us.

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