Well, That Was Quick

I wrote three days ago about the battery giving out in the car and then two days ago about my CPAP mask starting to give up the ghost. Today I went to my medical equipment supplier to get fitted for the new mask, and walked out with it. I can’t use it tonight, since there’s a hose that connects the CPAP machine hose to the mask that they neglected to give me today. (I can’t connect them directly as the width of the main hose is a little too wide for the connection on the mask.) So tomorrow I’ll be going by their office to pick up the new hose and tomorrow night I’ll be using the new mask. It’s somewhat louder on the exhale than my current mask, but my wife says that won’t be problematic for her. I hope she’s right.

Later this afternoon I went to get the new battery installed in the car. Short, sweet, to the point service visit. So now both of the things that I was writing about previously are (almost) completely fixed.

Today’s going to be a short post as we’re going out for a coffee date this evening. I’ll write something of more substance tomorrow. It’ll be after therapy, so I’ll have something to write about, most likely. If not, I can always pull up a blogging prompt and wing it. Tune in tomorrow to see what our hero does!

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