The Vet Visit

This morning my wife and I woke up earlier than usual, but later than planned, and scrambled to get ready, make coffee, and get the cat into her carrier (much more of a fight than usual this time around) in order to take my wife to work and the cat to the vet.

The cat’s been experiencing weeping and discharge from both eyes, and she’s been rubbing at her right one especially often, so between a sick kitty and being overdue for her annual checkup, it was time to get her in.

I got to the vet about a half-hour early, and they got me in a room almost immediately, but not before a lovely little tabby named Sebastian hopped up on the bench I was seated at, got scritches, then flopped against my leg so I could pet his belly. Our vet has a good number of office cats and they’re all super affectionate. Most of them have chronic illnesses of some kind, or are just there temporarily looking for a home. Sebastian is a delightful little kitty and I have a new buddy at the vet’s office.

They took inventory of what we needed to do – annual checkup, rabies shot, look after the eyes, mild sedation, and a nail trimming, which our vet does free of charge during the week as an alternative to declawing, which they refuse to do (and rightfully so). I was back out in the lobby with Sebastian while waiting for them to give our cat the once over in the back. Within about fifteen minutes we got word on what was going on – our poor little kitty has an eye infection going in both eyes, so we were sent home with eye drops, and dental treats to help with the very mild case of tartar that she’s got going. They gave her her first dose of drops at the vet, with instructions to do the drops three times daily until otherwise instructed.

I got her home, relaxed for a few hours, then went to pick up my wife at work for lunch. It took both of us some five minutes to finally get the second dose of drops in her eyes, so that’s going to be a chore that we’re going to have to figure our way around for the next few days.

As far as how I handled the change in scheduling and the general adulting of the day, I did fairly well. I was nervous about the vet visit, but handled it pretty well – better than the cat did, to be honest. This is more assertiveness that my therapist wants me to exercise, and I was glad for the opportunity, even though I wasn’t looking forward to the trip, nor did I like the reason for it.

Right now our cat is passed out smooth in the bed that we’ve put between us on the couch, so in her eyes all is forgiven and forgotten – at least, that is, until time for the next dose of drops.

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