Not Fiction Friday, Sorry

I had great plans, but they got waylaid by real life, so no resurrected Friday Fiction this week, everyone. My apologies. Here’s what threw everything for a loop.

On Wednesday night I took a close look at the paperwork that I need to do for school in the fall, specifically a really close and thoughtful look at the immunization form. (While I’m not going into a field that has patient contact, it’s still a health science field that works at sites that could be exposed to various communicable diseases, so the vaccinations are a requirement.) I took a close look at the requirements for the hepatitis B vaccination regimen: Three doses, with the second at least four weeks after the first and the third at least eight weeks after the second AND at least 16 weeks after the first. I calculated my dates based on getting into see the doctor on Friday (I never drive on show days, so Thursday was out) and the earliest that I would be able to turn in my completed vaccination form would be June 23rd. That’s really close to the start of school, so I made it a point to call and get an appointment for today. The receptionist at my doctor told me to come in at 2:00 pm.

Today at 2:00 rolled around and I went in to see the nice folks at the front desk, neither of whom were the person that I set my appointment with. Speaking of my appointment, they told me that they couldn’t find my appointment in their calendar, but since the nurse was free, things would be fine. They checked me in and had me take a seat.

It wasn’t long before they called me back up and explained that my insurance wouldn’t cover the vaccines that I needed, and that one of them would cost $600 out of pocket, and furthermore they weren’t comfortable with having me have that high of a bill at one time, so they referred me to my pharmacy in an attempt to get the vaccinations done.

So I went home and called the pharmacy and got their out of pocket rates on the vaccinations – all a fraction of what they’d cost at my doctor’s office, for some reason. Thing is, that’s still a few hundred bucks, money we don’t have lying around, so we started working on how to get it paid for – something we were able to do earlier this evening.

So in the next couple days I’ll be going to the pharmacy and hopefully getting my favorite pharmacist to administer the vaccinations so I can start down this road sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah, got a call from the doctor’s office around 3:55 this afternoon asking me where I was for my 2:00 appointment yesterday. That’s right – Thursday. Whoever was handling intake yesterday set my appointment for the same day, despite me telling her point blank that Thursday was out and I need to come in on Friday. At least that little mystery cleared itself up.

So many details, and so little time left. This is coming up faster than I want it to.

Sit tight, I’m going to try and get a Friday Fiction out next week.

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