We Need Your Help

I wrote a couple days ago about the stray that we’ve befriended needing to go to the vet. We’ve finally gotten a good look at his leg and it appears to have a slight dent in it where there shouldn’t be a joint, so we’re leaning much more strongly to it being broken, which means that he absolutely needs veterinary care sooner rather than later.

We’ve called around to several vets today to get estimates of what his bill would be, and every estimate is considerably higher than what we can afford.

We’ve worked hard to gain his trust over the past few years, and he’s still extremely skittish around everyone else, so we’re wanting to take him in officially where he’s already comfortable and trusting of people rather than turning him over to be rehabilitated and put out for adoption.

It’s important to note that we can handle his everyday expenses and vet bills, it’s just this initial cost of mending a potentially broken leg that’s an obstacle.

We’ve created a GoGetFunding account to try and raise the money for his care. I normally wouldn’t resort to asking for financial help on my blog, but we’ve got a very special relationship with this cat and we’d hate to see him continue to suffer or start over with the long process of trusting a new family. If you can help, you can donate here. If you can’t, you can still help by spreading the news about Stormy Cat, as we’ve come to call him.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide with this. We want him to get well soon.

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