Stormy’s Progress Report

For the past few days (here, here, and here) I’ve been telling the story of our neighborhood stray Stormy Cat, and how an injury has led us to officially make him part of the family. Today I’m kind of feeling lazy, so I’m going to do a short blog post basically updating you on Stormy’s condition, as I’ve promised to do. (To get the story from the time we took him to the vet, click on the last “here” above.)

Stormy eventually came out from under the bed when he heard the food bag last night, but is so used to eating outside that he didn’t recognize his food and water bowls inside and begged to be let out. We tried to enforce the staying indoors that we wanted to do and so he eventually gave up trying to be let out and came to get snuggles on the couch with us. As he was moving around, we noticed that he was completely favoring his injured right front leg and not putting any weight on it at all.

He eventually got down off the couch, sniffed at this food bowl, then went into the bedroom and climbed on the bed as my wife prepared to lie down for the evening. He shifted around so she could lie down and then when I came to bed, he stayed there for a good half hour before hopping down and going off someplace else in the apartment.

About 3:10 am we were awoken by his loud plaintive meows and so we finally relented and let him go outside, where he immediately went downstairs, presumably to the spot on the grounds that he uses as a potty. We went back to bed, worried that he’d decided that we were no longer a safe space.

We needn’t have fretted. When my wife got up to go to work, she reported that he was asleep on top of his shelter, on the blanket that my wife made for him. I awoke a few hours later and went to see him, but he was nowhere to be found. Later I went to look for him again while on the phone with my wife during her lunch break and found him at the bottom of the stairs. He saw me and immediately made it up the stairs as quickly as he could on three legs, hopped up on top of his shelter, and got scritches for a little while. I reported to the vet that he was not using that front leg and they advised us to bring him in to get checked over again in the morning.

A little later I went back outside and gave him more scritches, which he was very happy for – he was purring very loudly – and I noticed that he was making feeties with both of his front paws, not just the left. So I called the vet back to give them this information, and the vet then altered his advice to us, telling us to keep an eye on him through tomorrow and let them know sometime tomorrow afternoon how he was doing on the leg.

He’s still eating up the attention that we give him, and he’s more or less staying on our balcony – as I write this, he’s asleep on top of his shelter, photo above – so I think he’s going to be happy with the arrangement of being our cat so long as he gets to stay mostly outside.

I’ll continue to keep you up to date on his condition as he improves.

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