There Should Be Stickers

Today I had a friend come over to visit for a few hours. It’s the first in-person socialization that I’ve done in weeks.

There was a purpose to the visit, however. She came over to teach my wife and me a few embroidery stitches. In between we watched a couple videos on YouTube and sat and shot the bull for a while and generally had a really good visit.

The embroidery is a needed skill. The one tunic that I have for the SCA is currently unadorned, and the plan is to put a white and gold double herringbone along the edges of the sleeves and a running stitch along the neckline in one of those colors. I have some ideas for trimming the bottom hem, but I don’t think that I’ll be a speedy enough embroiderer to get anything done there; I think I’m going to have to trim it in strips of rough silk to approximate silk samite (for that matter, I might do the neckline in silk as well, now that I think about it.)

I really should get a sticker for the adulting that I do. “I was social today!” “I finished my to-do list!” “I made a phone call!” There are times that I think that I’m at that level of progress in my pathway back to a more-or-less normal life, and then there are times when I realize that I have made great strides to get to where I am. I hate days that I question that progress. Fortunately they’re not as frequent as they were even a year ago. I guess that really is progress.

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