Update on Mom

Last night I got a call from the family friend that looks after Mom while she’s stuck there in North Carolina and I’m stuck here in Austin. She was rushed to the hospital where they diagnosed her with double pneumonia and “put a breathing tube in her,” which I’m taking to mean she’s been intubated. To further complicate things they’re also looking at an infection that may have gone septic. We didn’t know much more than that as of last night, so I spent the rest of the evening worrying about Mom.

This morning, the only new news that I have is that she’s in the ICU and they’re aggressively treating the pneumonia. No word on what they’re doing about the infection yet. Our friend is going to go visit her tonight to get more information and to make sure they’ll release information to both of us. (Since he’s local, he’s her medical power of attorney.) I’ll know more tonight.

I’ve had a feeling this was coming, since Mom’s been fighting a case of bronchitis for a couple weeks now. She has COPD and has had it for most of her life thanks to being a chronic bronchitis sufferer, and maybe once a year it gets bad enough to evolve into pneumonia. It’s never been bad enough to have to intubate her, however, so I’m particularly worried this time around.

I got the prayer/thoughts/good energy/juju train going for Mom last night on Facebook, but ask that you keep it up while she’s still kind of touch and go. I’ll update you more tomorrow.

I’m a lot more worried and scared than I’m letting on.

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