Mind-Blowing Update on Mom

Okay, the update first, then the mind-blowing part.

Mom is improving. They’ve got her on antibiotics to help with both the pneumonia and the infection, and both are getting better. They’re talking about reducing her sedation a little later on today and perhaps even taking the tube out (so I now know for a fact that she’s been intubated). I haven’t spoken to the nurse on duty yet, when I called I got hung up in the Call Tree of Thorns and never got a live person except at the front desk. And that’s where the mind-blowing part comes in.

“[Hospital], this is David.”

“David, hi, my name is Steven [last name] and I’m trying to get information about my mother, she’s on the cardiac care unit. I’m not sure if I need to give you the password or the nurses or what.”

“Well, the first thing I need is the patient’s name.”

“Oh, right! Her name is [full first name – which she hates and never uses unless she has to – and last name] although she might be in your records as [Mom’s nickname].”


“[Nickname and last name]? Related to [Dad’s full name]?”

*my turn to pause*

“… yeah?”

“I used to work in [name of town Dad worked for] with your dad. I worked in 911 dispatch for [friend’s name I hadn’t heard in 20 years].”

“Yeah! I know [friend’s name] quite well. How about that?”

“Yep, I knew your dad.”

And then we trailed off because professionalism, but the whole thing both blew my mind and made my day.

I finally did get the hospital and they’re hoping to take out the breathing tube either today or tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to hear her voice (or what’s left of it, after intubation) tomorrow. Thanks for indulging me while I ramble about Mom and weird coincidences. I’m still pretty worried about her and wish I could be there. I’ll feel better when I get to actually talk with her.

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