Mom, Anniversaries, and Radio

I just called the hospital and spoke with one of the nurses looking after Mom. They removed her from the ventilator sometime last evening, but she’s still on a significant amount of oxygen to help her breathing along. I asked if it would be possible to speak with her, just long enough to tell her that I love her, and was informed that she’s non-verbal at this point in time. They attribute that partially to the sedation still wearing off but they say she has calm periods when she’s sleeping and then periods when she’s awake where she’s moaning out and very confused. They tell me that she’s oriented to herself, but likely isn’t sure where she is or what’s going on, and that they haven’t been able to converse with her yet. Hopefully she’ll be well enough tomorrow that I can talk with her even the briefest bit.

While I’m encouraged by the improvement she’s made while she’s been in the hospital, I’m concerned about the confusion that she’s exhibiting. I don’t know what her condition was just prior to them taking her over to the hospital from her skilled nursing facility, but I would be very interested to find out if she was disoriented and confused when she left there. The confusion isn’t like Mom. She gets infections somewhat regularly and sometimes they get to the point that she hallucinates – I’d expect that – but this goes beyond that and into a whole new level of disorientation. Perhaps the issue is that she was hallucinating when they transported her and between that and being sedated and being in a new place, she’s very unaware of what’s happened to her. Hopefully I’ll find out more soon.

Moving on to happier things, seventeen years ago today my wife and I had our first date. I don’t think either of us expected things to last this long, but I’ve never been happier to be wrong about something. Here’s to many more years in the future, my love, it’s been a grand trip so far.

Finally, tonight my wife and I are celebrating our first date anniversary with a radio show. It’s our usual time slot on Saturdays, but tonight’s show will be something special, geared to the gamers that our station supports and with a special focus on our origins as a station. I don’t want to go into any more detail than that, but we are very proud of tonight’s playlist and hope you’ll tune in. Details will be on my Facebook page in a little while.

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