Today’s Mom Update

(This is a repeat of a Facebook post I made earlier today. If you’ve read that, you can skip this. I admit it, I’m being lazy with today’s blog post. I have reason to be.)

I got a call from Kenneth, Mom’s medical power of attorney and the family friend that’s watching over her while I’m here in Texas and she’s in North Carolina.

The doctors at the hospital are asking if Mom has a DNR order in place.

They’ve taken her off the ventilator and they’re monitoring her closely, but the doctor is saying that there’s a good chance that she’ll have to go back on the ventilator, and if she does, she’s likely never coming off of it again. They’re also saying that if she goes back on, it’s likely that they’ll have to do a tracheotomy to do so.

We’re in the process of pricing flights to get me out to North Carolina this week, but at this point I don’t have anywhere to stay nor any way of getting around. We’re trying to get that figured out best we can. First order of business is getting me out there in the first place.

I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to scared to death.

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