Mom Update 4/3/2017

I’m in North Carolina with Mom. The flight was good, despite a good amount of turbulence on the second leg.

Mom is in really bad shape.

It took her a while to recognize me when I came in, but she eventually started showing very dim signs of her usual feisty self and would smile when she looked at me, so we’re taking that as a sign of recognition. Unfortunately that’s all we have to go on, since her ability to verbalize has been reduced to incoherent babbling with the very occasional lucid phrase mixed in.

They’re calling this a form of dementia but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard of. I was carrying on full half-hour conversations with her a week ago and now I can’t understand a thing she says. I asked her if she wanted a blanket a few minutes ago and I got a clear “yes” from her, but that’s been the extent of any real communication.

I gotta admit, I’m scared. My mom is slipping away before my eyes and I don’t know what to do.

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