Mom Update 4/4/2017

Today was a day of ups and downs with Mom.

They are slowly weaning her off the oxygen and are hoping that she can come off of it entirely sometime tomorrow. She’s fighting the nasal cannula hard though, and if she had better motor skills she’d have been able to pull it off more frequently than she already did. I must have had to wrap it back around her ears a half-dozen times and the nursing staff at least that many.

However, having said that about the oxygen, they also had her on her BIPAP machine the majority of the day. Thanks to that she missed lunch altogether after eating very little breakfast, and went on to refuse dinner. I’m concerned about her not eating.

Her speech therapist met with her this morning fairly early and from what I could gather while I was there (I needed to go eat breakfast to take medication) she was putting together more words at the beginning of a sentence than she had prior to that meeting, and was doing it more frequently. That dropped back off to mostly babbling chatter after the meeting, though, so I was a little discouraged that the improvement was not more permanent.

She’s getting very frustrated that I don’t understand what she’s trying to say. At one point it took us five minutes for me to suss out that she wanted some more tea and as I was walking out of the room to fetch it for her she yelled out very clearly “you’re such a dumbass!” That makes me think that she thinks she’s actually communicating and is getting frustrated when others don’t understand her, another sign that I think she might have had a minor stroke.

Another sign that I think she might have suffered a stroke is that toward the end of our visit today I asked her to write her name, in an attempt to see if we could cross the communication gap somehow. I got one clear letter out of several attempts, and the rest of it trailed off into unintelligible scribble. So no dice on the communication.

I’m very concerned that this is going to be permanent, and if so, how am I going to find out how she’s doing once she returns to her facility? I’m not the medical power of attorney so I can’t call and get information on her readily. It’s like I’ve already lost her in a way.

Fortunately my wife is flying out to be with Mom and me tomorrow morning, and we can hopefully figure out a plan during the rest of our trip.

I foresee a long, bumpy road ahead.

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