Hello from 35,000 Feet

So my wife and I are currently flying from Washington Dulles to Austin Bergstrom. It’s been a whirlwind trip full of ups and downs, and I’m only now starting to let things sink in.

My mother was sleeping when we left her, so there was no goodbye, although we did get to visit before she dozed off. Her speech and motor skills are damaged by the stroke, possibly beyond repair, and she’s going to likely be more or less completely dependent on her caregivers from this point forward.

It breaks my heart that there’s not much that we can do for her, short of trying to save up the money to bring her out to Austin with us. That will take a couple of years, given our finances. That will be even more incentive to succeed in school this fall.

Despite the knee immobilizer, the flights have been good. United not only moved me to the bulkhead but moved my wife from wherever her seat assignment was to beside me. They also arranged for skycaps to meet us at the gate in each airport to wheel me from gate to gate. It’s been nice, but the reason for it kinda stinks. My knee is better, but not to the point that I can go without the immobilizer for long periods of time, nor will my leg support my weight beyond a limp. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’m back to normal.

There’s a guy in front of me, across the aisle, playing Civilization V. Makes me want to get back to it when I get home. My laptop is a 17.3-inch model, so there’s no way of putting it in front of me on the flight. There are times I wish I had a smaller, more convenient laptop, but I’m still very pleased with this model going on three years after purchase.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I wanted to be sure I posted something today and I had the downtime and wifi access, so here it is. I’ll hopefully be more coherent tomorrow.

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