Hello from Arizona

My wife and I traveled today from Austin to Phoenix, Arizona to spend Easter weekend with her family. It’s rather pretty here. The landscape is dramatically different, but still lovely. Art is everywhere, on interstate barrier walls and underpasses, and it adds greatly to the feel of the city. Tonight we went to dinner at my brother-in-law’s house, with his wife and two kids, my mother-in-law, her husband, and my father-in-law. Tasty ribs made for a good meal. We were going to decorate Easter eggs tonight, but a tired two-year-old postponed those plans. Looking forward to that; it’s been decades since I’ve decorated Easter eggs and I imagine I’m going to have a good time doing so.

I called the hospital to get an update on Mom and was surprised to find that she’s been discharged. I called her cellphone and it went straight to voicemail, as I expected – her phone likely died and was on the charger. So I called Kenneth, our family friend that’s watching over her and left a message for him to call me. He did after a few hours. He was with Mom at her nursing facility. She was in bad shape. Moving her from the hospital to the facility disoriented her greatly, and she’s convinced that the staff is out to get her. She’s scared to death that they’re going to kill her and she spent great effort in trying to leave instructions for me “should something happen to her.” Kenneth and I did a video call, so I could see her and vice versa, and she was jumpy the whole time I was on the phone with her. Kenneth eventually stepped out of the room to give me a full report on what’s going on, and we hung up at that point, telling me that he would call me back when he got back into the room. I managed to completely eat dinner and settle for a while before he got back to me. It apparently took a while, but he and one of the staff managed to get her calmed down enough for him to leave. He said he’d be checking in on her tomorrow morning before work, and that we’d touch base sometime tomorrow to give me an update. Kenneth has a massive amount of things that he’s dealing with right now, and he’s an absolute saint to be spending so much time with Mom.

Updates from Arizona will likely be short, since we are going to have a busy schedule while we’re here and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have day to day.

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